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Adventure Capitalis specializes in providing investment opportunities to foreign high-net-worth individuals who are looking to protect their capital with solid privacy and grow their wealth. With a strong understanding of the Caribbean, Central American, and Asian markets, our founder has a background in luxury hospitality industry and real estate, which allows us to offer professional services and tailor-made investment solutions. We work closely with our clients to understand their investment goals and help them build a portfolio that aligns with their needs while ensuring privacy and protection of their investment. Our diversified investment approach focuses on spreading risks across multiple asset classes and geographic regions, with a particular emphasis on emerging markets and high-growth sectors. Our team of experts conducts rigorous research and due diligence on all investments to ensure that they meet our strict criteria for risk, return, and sustainability. No long talk or repetitive boring meetings. Our team’s strength is in our ability to unite around solid and experienced individuals to provide exceptional services. Clients can choose from our range of services without incurring any additional services not needed. Additionally, we have the advantage of being able to tailor our services to precisely fit the needs. We have no limitations, we go the extra miles.

Who We Are

Our aim is to help people create wealth and enhance their lives through ethical and effective international diversification strategies

Adventure capitalis has built an extensive network of trusted professionals over the past 15 years in various trade industry. This network includes top international attorneys specialized in offshore bsuiness, accountants, trustees, bankers and other professionals from around the world. We have established solid relationships with these individuals. Our network is a valuable resource that we use to help our business contributor successfully navigate the offshore, banking and business processes for their client. We can help legally reduce tax rate, protect assets, obtain a second citizenship. Focus on HNWI entrepreneurs and investors, we are well-equipped to assist you.


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Our Services

Assets appraisal

We conduct our own assessment of all assets and select them based on the specific needs and preferences of buyers. Our asset selection process is meticulous, and we provide detailed and accurate reports of their strengths and weaknesses. We prioritize transparent communication and collaborate closely with our clients.

Investment and development

Our company  offers a wide range of investment opportunities across various asset classes. By carefully analyzing market trends and identifying potential opportunities, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive range of investment options that can help them achieve their financial goals.

Offshore company

We specialize in providing services related to offshore schemes, and we have established partnerships with the most reputable trustees in the field, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is handled with the utmost care and completed in accordance with the appropriate legal requirements. 


We prioritize transparency and compliance in our banking operations, collaborating with trusted attorneys and reputable trustees to ensure a clear and streamlined process. We have established positive relationships with our banking partners, allowing us to provide our clients with a smooth and efficient experience.


Our jurisdictions offer affordable options for residency and citizenship. A second residence can help diversify, reduce taxes and may lead to a second citizenship.A second passport ensures freedom of travel and independence from one’s government. Citizenship can be obtained via investments. 


An offshore corporation offers the opportunity to establish a business with reasonable tax rates, regardless of geographical location. Many countries provide offshore benefits that legally move entire business overseas,, without owing any country a claim to business if they haven’t earned it.